Day 40: Hearing God


READ- Matthew 5:38-42

REFLECT-  When I first got saved, I was fully prepared to get punched in the face one day and I knew I had to be willing to turn the other cheek. I soon came to realize that it wasn’t always the physical attacks Jesus was referring to; though for me, a physical attack seemed almost preferred to what I was in store for as a Christ follower. I began to feel challenged in my young theology, “am I willing to be wronged by others, accused falsely without retaliating, hold my tongue when I am being taken advantage of and still be loving?” My heart began to break in these moments, but it was the grace and wisdom of God that saw me through. Of course, there are times to lay down boundaries. I absolutely agree this is needed and is not anti-gospel. The question I would like to raise is the following: have our boundaries and walls been so well constructed that they are built to even keep out our gentle Lord’s guidance to die to self? The call is not to love self but to love others. I certainly am not loving myself by going an extra mile with someone. Nor am I protecting my things by giving more away than what was taken from me.
I believe these Words of the Messiah were to save us from ourselves, so the world may see who the Children of God are. There is value in having good boundaries, and adding wisdom to our decisions; but, may our “wisdom” not cause us to be disobedient. When doubt creeps in, I must ask myself: “Do I believe the gospel? Do I believe the Word of God?” This is a question I ask myself almost daily. To die to self is the calling. I don’t need help loving myself, I need the power of grace to humble me to be self-sacrificial, just as our Lord was in going to the Cross for us- not to mention all He did along the way.

RESPOND- Trust the Holy Spirit to guide you this week to discern where He is calling you to be self-sacrificial. What is that extra mile you need to go for someone? How can you turn your other cheek this week? In what way can you give to someone who begs of you? Look for ways to follow Jesus’ teaching and in so doing, receiving treasure in heaven.
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