Day 26: Hearing God


READ- Mark 5:21-43, 1 John 4:7-13

REFLECT- Since the lockdowns in 2020, I’ve noticed that I’m a little more selfish with my time. I certainly didn’t hate being at home most of the time. I really missed my peeps and being in church, but I enjoyed hanging out at home. And now I find that I crave it when I get super busy. Sometimes it seems like so many things are pulling at me for my time and it can become overwhelming. But then I think about Jesus. He didn’t seek to get away from everything. Oh He did get away from people from time to time, for sure. But that was so He could spend time with His Father. And that is important for all of us.

I can only imagine how Jesus’ life was. People must have come to Him constantly, trying to get what they wanted from Him. In Mark 5, we read about Jairus who came to Jesus about his sick daughter. “And He went off with him; and a large crowd was following Him and pressing in on Him.” It was here that a sick woman approached to simply touch Jesus’ cloak. Picture the scene: Jesus is surrounded by people, who are actually pushing into Him, and He is trying to go heal a little girl. The very thought makes me claustrophobic! But, Jesus isn’t bothered at all. In fact when she touches His cloak, He immediately turns to her, heals her, and makes sure she knows that she matters to Him, calling her ‘daughter’! Have you ever felt seen and heard? How did that make you feel? Most likely you felt loved. That’s how Jesus made this woman feel. I wonder if I would be as compassionate as Jesus in that situation. My time isn’t my own. I am here for a purpose. God didn’t just put us all here and say, “Ah, do whatever makes you happy.” No! He wants us to love one another. That’s what Jesus did. That's how others will come to know who He is. That’s how we build the Kingdom.
RESPOND- How can you show someone that they matter to you? Maybe you can get coffee or go golfing. Ask what’s going on in their life and really listen. Allow the focus to be on the other person. Pray and ask God to show you who He wants you to love on this week.
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