Day 17: Engaging Prayer

Adequately Equipped - by Pastor Kyle Johnson

Read - Ephesians 6:10-20

Although we do not need to be intimidated when we commit to interceding, we do need to be prepared.  The Bible is clear that when we pray boldly and intentionally over people’s lives that the tension is not on the natural realm but the spiritual one.  This should not ignite fear in us but that warrior spirit that says bring it on!  After all, God has given us the tools to fight this battle effectively as long as we arm ourselves properly.  In our daily lives we understand that we clothe ourselves differently based on the environment we are in.  If we are going to work, we outfit ourselves appropriately for what we are doing.  Whereas when we workout we equip ourselves very differently.  Imagine trying to go play football while we are wearing the outfit designed for ballet.  Ouch!  Let’s just say things would not go well.  Currently with the stay in place that we are going through often our physical attire doesn’t change much, however, we need to be sure to put on the spiritual armor that God has provided.  You are an intercessor.  Get equipped and engage the action.

Pray – Lord, thank you for calling me into action.  I choose today to put on the armor you have provided for me and enter the conflict.  Help me to have the courage to stand up for those that you have placed in my heart and not back down when the pressure comes.  My hope and faith is in you, my Savior and my God.  Amen.

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