Day 37: Hearing God


READ- John 13:12-16

REFLECT- I remember volunteering at a men’s shelter for a worship service that included foot washing. Now, if you’ve never done this, just imagine. Really dirty feet that have not been in a shower or bath for some time. Socks were wet. Nails untrimmed. We removed the shoes and socks of these men and washed their feet. We put on clean, new socks and replaced their shoes. The look on the faces of these men as we put the new socks on their feet was amazing! They clearly felt loved. It was a simple task, but it made all the difference for them. And I can honestly say it changed me as well. I saw with new light what Jesus has done for me. I was dirty. I was untrimmed. And He cleaned me up and put new life in me! Serving others is what Jesus asks us to do. Not because we will get something out of it (although this is typically the case), but because of what He has done for us. We serve out of thanksgiving for His grace and love.

RESPOND- What has God been telling you over these past weeks? Who does He want you to impact? If you aren’t sure, keep asking. God will make it clear. It’s not IF God wants you to serve, but WHERE He wants you to serve. The options are limitless!
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