Day 1: Hearing God

DAY 1 - Breathing Life

READ  -  2 Timothy 3:16

When the word of God says that “all scripture is God breathed”, it means that God’s breath of life has been infused into it. In a similar way, God breathed his life into humanity as we read in Genesis 2:7. God formed us and breathed his life into us. He has done the same thing with His Word, the Bible. He created it through humanity, and breathed his life into it.
When we read scripture, it is not just the words of people recording past events, but the life-giving breath of God fused into the pages of scripture. In Hebrews 4:12, it says the Word is “alive and active.” God, through the Holy Spirit, wants to breathe life into you through His Word, which is alive and active, and able to shape us into God’s image.

RESPOND -How is God looking to breathe life into you today? Perhaps he wants to teach you something so you are better equipped to do what he has called you to. Maybe a bad habit needs correcting, or a direction needs clarifying, or maybe he is looking to encourage you that you are on the path to living righteously. Read the Word today, anticipating that God is wanting to breathe life into you.
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