Day 6: Hearing God

In One Ear And Out The Other

READ - James 1:22

- My wife and I have been foster parents for nearly two decades. In that time we have had fifty seven foster children in our home. We have adopted two of the fifty seven, have custody of another, and also have three biological kids. All of those children have come with their own unique set of challenges and blessings. One of those challenges (as with all kids) has been their listening skills. Unfortunately, listening and hearing do not always lead to immediate action. Let’s be honest, we’re the same way with God sometimes. Just because we listen and even hear what he says doesn’t always mean that we react immediately to what he has asked us to do. “In one ear and out the other”, so the saying goes. We have a saying in my house that goes, “slow obedience is no obedience”. The Bible is the most important “how to” guide in your life. Listen to the word, hear the word, and do what it says immediately because he loved you first and he loves you most.

RESPOND - When you read the word are you listening? Are you hearing? And most importantly are you doing what it says? Take some time to thank God for giving us the only roadmap we will ever need to follow him and then do what he says this week.
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