Day 2: Hearing God

DAY 2 - The Groundhog

READ - Job 23:11-12

REFLECT - Distractions are all around us. For some we need the extra noise around us, while others we love to live in the quiet. But no matter where you find yourself, distractions are everywhere. As a freshman in college dorms, distractions were everywhere. In fact, my neighbors and roommates nicknamed me “Groundhog” because every time there was something going on in the hall I would pop my head out to see what was up! Most of the time there was really nothing going on, but I had to address the distraction so I could then refocus and get back to what I was doing. Good or bad, I still tend to live most days in this “groundhog” routine. But what God has taught me is that we are constantly going to be distracted and tempted to get off of the path God has for us, and yes, we will choose the wrong path at times. But, what we have in Christ Jesus is the secret roadmap, his WORD. Let us not depart from God’s commands and instead treasure his Word in our hearts. When we fill ourselves with God’s Word, the distractions become easier to deal with and after popping our head out to see what’s going on, we are then able to return to what God has planned for us.

RESPOND - Where are the distractions in your life right now? Acknowledge them, bring them before God, confess them if necessary, and then return to where God has you. And when you get lost or lose track of where God has you, go to his Word and ask him to show you. He loves you and has a plan for you.