Day 39: Hearing God


READ- John 15:13

REFLECT- This story deals with gun violence and may be triggering to some people. 
I was in my early twenties and walking through the parking lot of a shopping center when the undeniable snap of a gunshot broke through the silent night air. My friend and I did the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do in this situation and we started running toward the gunfire. We arrived at the front of a grocery store to witness a man lying on the ground gripping a gun and another man standing over him trying to wrestle it away from him. “I’m an off-duty police officer!” the standing man yelled. “Help!” My friend and I immediately rushed in without thinking and grabbed the hand with the loaded gun. As we struggled, the barrel of the gun was pointed at our heads more than once. We could have very easily been shot or even killed. Running away from gunfire is nine times out of ten the best course of action. Finally we ripped the gun from the man’s hands, he was cuffed, and arrested. Is this what Jesus meant when he said, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”? Not necessarily but he did mean that in order to serve others we have to lay down our own wants and desires. When we are in service to the King we will, by the nature of his love, be in service to others.

RESPOND- How do you serve others? How can you serve others? Pray that God will give you opportunities to lay down your life (put others first) this week because he loved you first and he loves you most.
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