Day 25: Hearing God


READ- John 15:13, Mark 14:32-36, Matthew 6:12

REFLECT- We read that Jesus so loved the Father (and us) that he was willing to submit to the Father’s will for us. Even though it hurt, a lot.  If we ask for forgiveness in Jesus’ name, we are forgiven and will live because of Jesus’ willingness to suffer for us. That is awesome! But did you catch the second part of Matt. 6:12? The love we receive through forgiveness, we are to extend to others who wrong us.
If we are going to receive God’s love, we also need to extend it. This can be very difficult. We hold onto bitterness and unforgiveness sometimes because we think we have a right to it. They hurt us! That thinking is not the love we received. Jesus says we are to ask God to forgive us as we forgive others. There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for another, and forgiving someone who has wronged you can feel like you are laying down your life for them. They don’t deserve it, but you give it anyway. Just like Jesus.

RESPOND- Who might you need to forgive this week in order to love like Jesus? Even if they have not asked for forgiveness. The thing about letting go of unforgiveness is that it will bless you as much or more than it may the offender. Bitterness kills but love heals, for both the one receiving and the one giving love. That does not mean it is an easy thing to do. Going to the cross was not an easy thing for Jesus to do either, but aren’t we so glad he did it anyway? Be an instrument of love this week just like Jesus was for you.
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