Day 32: Hearing God


READ- 1 Peter 3:13-16

REFLECT- Rejection hurts. There is nothing easy about it but it cannot stop us from doing what is right. I remember a time I was out on a prayer walk with a couple of friends and on the journey we had some great times of praying with people we felt God led us to. However, at one point I sensed God leading me to ask a young man if we could pray with him but he refused. Sure it was awkward and I felt self-conscious, but we politely wished him a good day and went on our way. If we had stopped because of the rejection we would have missed out on other great interactions that day where God spoke hope and healing into people that needed it. 1 Peter 3:15 clearly tells us to be ready to share the hope that we have but it is contained in the middle of verses talking about dealing with hardship and suffering. When we share about Jesus it will not always go how we want it to go but that does not mean it wasn’t right. Always do it with gentleness and respect and continue to value the people God brings you to. It is a blessing to know we are not responsible for people’s response, we are just called to share. We cannot let the difficulty of rejection hold us back.

RESPOND- Be bold and share what Jesus has done in your life with someone today. Don’t gauge success on their response but on your obedience.
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