Day 4: Hearing God

A Lit Path

READ - Psalm 119:105

REFLECT - In all honesty, sometimes I like being in the dark. Often, when I am up at night I keep the lights off and navigate by what I know and the faint glimmer of light that trickles in from various places. After all, I know where I am going and know my way around my house. Most of the time this is not a problem at all, until it is. Boom! My kids left something in the hallway, my wife’s purse is sticking out a little further than normal, or, most frustrating, I was too tired to put away my clean clothes and left the hamper out to deal with in the morning. That’s a pain that would have been saved with a little bit more light. God doesn’t want us to try to navigate life on what we know or take the chance that we won't cause too much damage to ourselves or others. He has given us a tool to help us on our journey. The Bible helps reveal what is around us and shines a light on where we are going. How bright is this light in your life?

- Count how many lights or light sources are around you right now. Acknowledge your need for light in your life and thank God for giving you His Word to light your path.
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