Day 34: Hearing God


READ- John 8:12

RESPOND- When my kids were younger we would walk up to the park and kick the soccer ball around every Sunday after church. Both of them LOVED soccer. It was a big park and every week we would see a large group of Middle Eastern men playing soccer. The age range was wide, and the skill level even wider! While the adults played on the full size field, the kids and youth kinda organized their own little game. After several weeks the kids invited us to kick the ball around with them. We were delighted to have a little competition and my son loved to show off his soccer skills. A couple weeks later the adults invited us to play with them (I am not a skilled soccer player but my son was quite good, even at 10 years old). We were the only white folks playing, and it was awesome. Over the course of several years it was great to be with these guys. We learned a lot about them and they learned a lot about us and we were even able to share our faith. I do not know if any of them made decisions to follow Jesus, but I do know that God was very present in our other place here in the park. Being a witness for God may look a little different to all of us. Sometimes it’s going door to door, inviting someone to church or even sharing a Bible tract. Other times it may be physically serving locally or in another country. But often, the simplest way to be a witness for God is right here where he has you!

REFLECT- Take a few minutes and look at your weekly schedule. Where does God naturally have you interacting with others? Is it at work, in the gym, at soccer practice or having that daily cup of coffee at the corner bistro? Ask God to give you strength, courage or patience to be available. Many times our strongest witness for God is to willingly let him live through us in our other places. Remember, we have the light of life through Jesus Christ.  
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