Day 5: Hearing God

Morning Star

READ -  2 Peter 1:19-21

REFLECT - Have you ever had a long, troubling night? Tragedy, stress, troubles of various kinds keep you awake all night. It seems, in those times, there is no hope, or resolution, but then the sun begins to rise. Something about the first dawn lightens one’s spirit. This is what God’s Word can do when we are going through tough times. The Bible did not find its origin in human thought, but it is from God himself. God who loves you and is with you.

RESPOND - When you are dealing with difficult times, pay attention to God’s Word, expecting a light to shine into your dark place. Even on the darkest night, we can anticipate the sun will rise in the morning. The God who created you has not set your sun and plunged you into darkness forever. Rather, He raised THE SON, so you too can be raised to life through reading His Word.
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