Day 11: Hearing God

What a Difference a Day Makes

READ- Genesis 3:6-10

REFLECT- Sin is a destructive thing. It drives a wedge between us and God. Adam and Eve went from open conversation with God to hiding out and holding back just a day later. Sometimes, the truth is we want the sin more than the relationship. Other times, it is just shame that is holding us back from experiencing the closeness and conversation of God. We know we have done wrong and won’t let ourselves come to a God that loves us. God wasn’t surprised that Adam and Eve sinned. He was already fully aware of their disobedience and still wanted to meet with them. God knows your sin and still wants to meet with you and have a conversation. The question is, are you more satisfied hiding out with it than facing the shame and exposing your sin to a God that loves you? I’m not saying it is easy, but we can’t let sin defeat us and shame win.

RESPOND- What disobedience are you allowing into your life that is hindering your ability to hear God’s voice? Don’t hide it or yourself from God. Confess your sin and open yourself back up to the intimate relationship God desires with you.
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