Day 6: Engaging Prayer

Beyond Expectations

Read: Ephesians 3:20-21

Here we are, closing up the first week of our Engaging  Prayer journey.  As you have started into this I hope that you are setting a good foundation of communication with God, but I also trust that your heart is stirring with what He has yet to do in the next few weeks (and even beyond that) as we submit to Him in this beautiful dialogue.  In what ways are you expecting to grow through this journey of prayer?    Prayer, first and foremost, adjusts our minds to the         magnificence, power and glory of God.  Although what He does is beyond us, God often gives us glimpses of what we will see or experience as we stay in step with Him.  Don’t be afraid to let your mind be drawn to an expectation of astounding things.  We can be confident that He is moving in greater ways than even what we know to pray.  This should encourage us to anticipate what is coming and desire to look around and see more of what He is doing.

Pray - God increase our expectation of what you can do.  Give us a glimpse of what you are doing in us and in our world and help us to believe that you are able to do           exceedingly more than all that we ask or imagine.  It is your power at work in me and I trust in you.  Amen.

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