Day 23: Hearing God


READ- John 14:15-24

REFLECT-  Most of you might know the lyrics to the popular pop song What is Love by Haddaway, and if you don’t maybe ask someone of the 80s, 90s generation and they can tell you. It seems like the artist of this song has a strong devotion to his partner but he is getting hurt by staying in the relationship; maybe she is not reciprocating the same emotions and actions he so strongly feels towards her, making him question love and if what they have is real. 
Does our relationship to God look similar? Is our praise or love of God merely lip service at best? As Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandment.” We absolutely must love people, but we cannot do that without loving God first and doing what the Scriptures say and teach. Our love for God must be more than lip service, as in any other relationship. As it were, I believe our love for people will grow naturally as we look to do the Word of God. However, before we love others well, as He intends for us, we must first love God. Let us not hurt our Lord by having a cold love for Him, one that is unresponsive to His commandments.

RESPOND- Find one verse today, whether in the New Testament or Proverbs and focus on doing that verse today! Ask God to continue to write His Word in your heart so as you grow, doing the Word becomes more and more a part of your natural being.
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