Day 30: Hearing God


READ- Acts 1:8

REFLECT- I spun my baseball hat around backwards and stepped out my front door fully ready to engage in mortal combat with the guy who was working on my neighbor’s house. A few moments beforehand my (then) teenage sons told me that the guy working across the street had cursed them out and threatened them with violence so I took my “Oh no you didn’t!” posture and with malice in my heart crossed the street. Now don’t get me wrong I AM a pastor but I USED to be a bouncer so sometimes that knucklehead shows up. He heard my front door slam, saw me coming, and we both knew that it was on. Two steps into the street I heard God say, “Shake his hand.” “Shake his hand?! I’m going to knock him out!” Again I heard, “Shake his hand.” So instead of bowing up I bowed down and shook his hand. After a few minutes of de-escalation and a full understanding of the misunderstanding that he had with my boys we began to talk about God. He had just been released from prison, was in a gang, and was on edge. He told me that because I came at him like a man and shook his hand he felt bad. When the conversation was over he apologized for his attitude and actions and I prayed for him right there in the street. When God says, “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses” he was absolutely correct. When you are following God, sometimes you can’t help but witness to someone, even when you don’t want to, because he loved you first and he loves you most.

RESPOND- How can you tell someone this week that they are loved? How can you witness to someone about the promise of eternal life? Pray that God will give you the opportunity to spread the Good News this week.
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