Day 17: Hearing God


READ- Psalm 19:1

REFLECT- A large percentage of what is communicated in human communication is non-verbal. The percentage of verbal to non-verbal communication varies, depending on the research, but most would agree that at least 70% of what is communicated in a person to person conversation is done through non-verbal cues. We “hear” what other people are saying by not just their words, but by things like posture, tone, and facial expressions. To be a good listener, we need to not just use our ears to hear, but our eyes to see.
The same is true when we are seeking to hear God. Yes, some people sometimes hear the audible voice of God, but we can also “hear” Him speaking to us through His creation. He can speak peace to us through the crashing of a wave, or the setting of the sun. He can exhibit for us His unfathomable creative ability by displaying the wonder of the universe through the twinkling of stars on a crystal-clear dark night. We can know His love for all His creation when we see how He provides food and shelter not just for us, but even for the wild life living in areas we would consider desolate. Much of what God speaks to us is revealed through what He has done, and continues to do in creation.
RESPOND- How is God speaking to you through what he has created? Listen for God’s voice today with not just your ears, but your eyes as well.
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Cathy Ward - March 15th, 2023 at 11:10am

For me today this makes me think of our unrelenting winter. God is in control of the weather and in control of our lives. We can fight it, try to change it, hate it or trust that God knows what is best for us and our little corner of the world. I am called today to submit. Submit and trust in the God of all creation, including me!!!