Day 31: Hearing God


READ- Revelation 1:4-6

REFLECT- Genesis 1-2 tells us that Adam was created to reflect God’s image on Earth. He was telling of who God is through what he said, but also how he lived in submission to God’s authority. Genesis 3 tells us of how Adam failed to faithfully witness to God by rejecting His authority and eating from a forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden.
God sent Jesus to be the new Adam, one who would not only atone for our sins, but would faithfully submit to the will of the Father and model for us how we are to live. In so doing, He correctly witnessed to the supreme authority of God. Adam failed to submit to the will of God in the Garden of Eden, but Jesus faithfully submitted to the will of God in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:35). By doing so, Jesus became the faithful witness Adam was created to be, but failed to live out.
As descendants of Adam and Eve, we inherently carry their rebellious nature, and fail to faithfully witness to the glory of God, by submitting to God’s will for our lives. BUT, when we recognize Jesus as Lord, and confess our sins, we receive a new spirit, the Holy Spirit which empowers us to faithfully witness to God by submitting our lives to Him, and living a life that reflects His character. When we do this, we become the faithful witnesses we were originally created to be.

RESPOND- Where are you resisting God’s will in your life? It may not be a big call to make a dramatic change. It may be simply willing to swallow pride and honor someone you do not think deserves it. Or it may be a prompt to make some sacrifice with your time or money to bless others. When we respond to both the big and small things God calls us to do, we, like Jesus, become faithful witnesses to the Glory of God.
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