Day 29: Hearing God


READ- Proverbs 3:6 & Romans 12:1-2

REFLECT- I would consider myself a natural evangelist, but that does not mean I always want to do what God is calling me to do. I remember, one beautiful afternoon walking from the UC Davis parking lot toward campus, and near me was a young man walking with his girlfriend. I distinctly remember hearing in my spirit “Go talk to him.” To which my reply was, “I do not want to do that… LORD, I acknowledge you in NOT going to talk to that guy!“ I questioned if that was the Lord telling me to go and speak with him. Either way, I trusted God to guide me. Craftily finding a way to still be obedient, I walked the other way. Suddenly, every cell in my body was zealously urging me to go chase that man down. I could not help myself. I chased after him and asked a simple question: “How could I pray for you today?” After I prayed for him, he expressed how no one had ever actually prayed for him like that, and that he was also a Christian! He and I linked up and I ended up discipling this man and helping him take his next steps with Jesus and live with more accountability and awareness of Jesus’ teachings.
This is just one of many times where God faithfully helped me witness to others by His guidance. Proverbs 3:6 has become a staple for me to fight anxiety or fear in ministering to strangers, and I have seen God do many powerful things through the doing of this verse.

RESPOND- I challenge you to simply acknowledge all of your plans for the day or “your ways” to Jesus, and to do this every day. Let him guide your steps. He will make your path straight if you do so! Pray for God to use you and be open to God’s leading. Even if you don’t want to do it, God can help you through it.  
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