Day 38: Hearing God


READ- Romans 12:9-11

REFLECT- I am a list person, and more than that, I am a highlighted list person! You know what I am talking about. Writing down all the things that need to be accomplished for a certain task or by a certain date and then highlighting them in colors based upon similarities. At first it brings a bit of anxiety looking at the number of things that have to be done. But then, there is the joy of crossing things off until there is nothing left to do and recognizing that God was in it all! The feeling of accomplishment is surreal. As a task oriented person it is easy to get trapped by the tasks instead of by the overall purpose of why you were doing the task in the first place. When it comes to serving, loving and caring for others, I think the same thing can happen. It’s easy to get focussed on the “what” and somehow forget the “who”. I think that’s what Paul is saying to me in these verses. Every day God brings people across our path and it’s easy for us to ignore, avoid or move past them and continue on to the next task we have set for ourselves. I can’t just pretend to love others, I need to truly love others, and that means I need to be open to what God has for me and be okay with adding others to my list. So, who’s missing on your list? With Easter this Sunday, who does God want you to invite?  

RESPOND- Look ahead to the next couple of days. Jot down who God might want you to love, encourage or serve this week. More than that, be bold and ask God to show you who to invite to Easter! Pray about these names asking God to show you how to really love and serve them.
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