Day 25: Engaging Prayer

Serve First - by Pastor Kyle Johnson 

Read: John 13:1-17

Today marks the day in Holy Week that Jesus gathered His disciples for their last meal together. They knew it was an important occasion but had no idea just how important.  After all, they still waited on each other to do the menial tasks like helping people clean up and looking for the better seats around the table.  Eventually, Jesus got up and took on that servant’s role.  I am sure if they realized this would be the last time they would eat with Jesus before His crucifixion they would jump at the chance to serve but that wasn’t this night, right?  Why do we resist taking on the role of a servant unless it is a special occasion or a good time to serve someone else?  Jesus, who was obviously in charge and about to serve in the greatest way for all humanity didn’t look to be served at this “ordinary time” but did what He always did.  Our first mode of thinking in every situation needs to be, “how can I serve?” rather than just looking for the special times or when it makes us look good.  Take some time today to reflect on Jesus washing His disciples feet as He was preparing to eat with them for the last time.  Then, join us tonight as we celebrate this Last Supper with an online communion gathering on The Crossing Church Sacramento FaceBook, Instagram or Youtube.

Pray: Jesus, you are my Savior and my Lord.  I thank you for the way that you have demonstrated a life of service and have done more for me than I could ever do for you.  Lead me to love and serve people the way that you do.  Help me to get past my selfish desires to see what others need from me.  Give me opportunities today to demonstrate this grace.  Amen.

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